There has been an explosion of new literature about being LGBTI and having a strong and living faith. Bloggers, biographers and even bishops from all faiths and denominations have been churning out titles about sex, sexuality, the ex-gay theory, homophobia, LGBTI-affirming theology and Christian spirituality. If you have any to add to our list, let us know!


Monkey Town

Rachel Held Evans: Evolving in Monkey Town

American commentator and blogger

Torn Justin Lee

Justin Lee: Torn

A masterful debunking of the Gay/Christian culture war

God and the Gay ChristianMatthew Vines: God and the Gay Christian

A new analysis of the bible, the church and same-sex attraction

Being Gay Being ChristianDr Stuart Edser: Being Gay, Being Christian

An Australian perspective on being a gay person of faith

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Life of unlearningAnthony Venn-Brown: A Life of Unlearning

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Christian social tolerance boswellJohn Boswell: Christianity, Social Tolerance, and Homosexuality

Gay People in Western Europe from the Beginning of the Christian Era to the Fourteenth Century

Jesus Bible HomosexualityJack Rogers: Jesus, the Bible and Homosexuality

The study that transformed a conservative American denomination

Unfair ShoreJohn Shore: Unfair – Christians and the LGBT Question

A widely respected American title examining the treatment of LGBTI people in the church

Does Jesus love me Jeff ChuJeff Chu: Does Jesus Really Love Me?

A Gay Christian’s Pilgrimage in Search of God in America

Love orientationAndrew Marin: Love is an Orientation

A conversation from the centre of the Gay Christian conversation. Straight activist Andrew Marin still has the hear of both sides.

Eye of stormBishop Gene Robinson: In the Eye of the Storm

Swept to the Center By God

God believes love gene robinsonBishop Gene Robinson: God Believes in Love

Straight Talk about Gay Marriage

Seduced GraceMichael Bernard Kelly: Seduced By Grace

An Australian insight into traditional Christian experience


TheCureThe Cure: A Documentary Film

An documentary about ex-gay therapy groups operating in Australia. Trailer here.

chasing devilChasing the Devil: Inside The Ex-gay Movement

chely wright wish me awayChely Wright: Wish Me Away

What happens when one of America’s greatest ever country singers comes out as a lesbian? Find out in “Wish Me Away”

for the bible tells me soFor the Bible Tells Me So

A walk through the culture war of “love” versus love in the United States gay Christian debate. The film features the world’s first consecrated openly gay Anglican bishop, Gene Robinson.

trembling before godTrembling Before G-d

A Jewish perspective on ex-gay

wish me awayFish out of Water

A fantastic, comical, heart-breaking documentary about being gay and Christian.

one nation under GodOne Nation Under God

A 1993 perspective on homosexuality in the public sphere

jihad for loveA Jihad For Love

A 2008 documentary by Parvez Sharma telling the story of young muslims as they journey from the middle east to the west escaping violent homophobia.

love free or dieLove Free or Die

The journey of Bishop Gene Robinson and the marriage equality juggernaut – from the Lambeth Conference to California.

codebreakerCodebreaker: The Alan Turing Story

A story of intellectual genius, wartime intelligence, a national hero, forced sterilisation and tragedy. Eye-opening and paradigm-shifting.

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abominationAbomination: Homosexuality and the Ex-gay movement

Stephen Fry Out thereStephen Fry’s Out there

Australian viewers can see it on the ABC website

A masterful expose of homophobia around the world. Search for this film on your country’s TV catch-up services.

stacey dooleyStacey Dooley in the USA Episode 2: Gay to Straight

This film is not available through general commercial release. Search for educational access in your country.


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The following are statements about ex-gay and reparative therapies from two important psychological bodies:

American Psychological Association

Australian Psychological Society

Academic Journal Articles

If you’re interested in writing a research paper on the ex-gay movement, these are some good starters. The following listings link to journal databases or Amazon. For complete or free access, we suggest trying Google Scholar, your local library, or your University library.

Gross, M. ‘To be Christian and Homosexual: From Shame to Identity-based Claims’, Nova Religio: Journal of Alternative and Emergent Religions, Chappaqua, May 08, Volume 11, Issue 4, pp.77-102

Halbertal, T.H., and Koren, I., ‘Between “Being” and “Doing”: Conflict and Coherence in the Identity Formation of Gay and Lesbian Orthodox Jews’, McAdams, D.P., Josselson, R., and Lieblich, A., (2006) Identity and Story: Creating Self in Narrative, American Psychological Association, Washington D.C., pp.37-61

Thumma, S. ‘Negotiating a Religious Identity: The Case of the Gay Evangelical’, Sociological Analysis, 1991, 52:4, pp.333-347

Wolkomir, M. ‘Wrestling with Angels of Meaning: The Revisionist Ideological Work of Gay and ex-Gay Christian Men’, Symbolic Interaction, November 2001, 24:4, pp.407-425

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Ambassadors and Bridge Builders International

Developed by former pentecostal pastor and now openly gay LGBTI rights advocate Anthony Venn-Brown, the website and blog contains resources gathered over several decades.

Anthony is available for LGBT Coaching, Community Training and Church/Community Seminars. Below is a collection of articles about ex-gay in Australia, including apologies from former ex-gay leaders.


Sy was one of the world’s most recognised ex-gay pin-up boys for more than a decade. This is Anthony Venn-Brown’s take on the Sy story and it – in most respects – mirrors the opinions and analysis of many of Inside Ex-gay’s contributors.

Ex-gay Apologies

Apologies from Exodus International former leaders and even presidents have flowed freely in recent years with the number now almost uncountable. Anthony Venn Brown’s examines this incredible phenomenon. Why does the movement persist and global evangelical homophobia continue when the highest ex-gay authorities have called time?

Married Ex-gay = Situational Heterosexual

One of the most misunderstood and consistent themes in the ex-gay movement.

Former Aussie Ex-gay Founder Simon Tinkler: I was wrong

Hillsong Pastor Brian Houston on homosexuality in 2013

From Sydney’s “A different conversation” in 2014

Australia’s Ex-gay World – A slideshow 

New South Wales motion condemns ex-gay

Apology from former “Love in Action” director

2007: Australia’s ex-gay leaders begin to back away