September 13

Radio #6: Kathy Baldock – The Desert Rose

Churches throughout the country profess to be “welcoming” of LGBTIQ people – but most are not affirming. What seems like a happy medium to many conservative evangelicals is actually one of the most harmful positions for LGBTIQ people of faith.   Some of the strongest international voices speaking out against LGBTIQ inclusion are currently, or will […]

April 12

Radio #5: Nicole Conner – Standing up to ex-gay

The guest of this long awaited fifth Inside Ex-gay interview is Nicole Conner, a major Australian evangelical teacher who has spent much of the past year faced with a difficult question. What does leadership look like when you have the power and influence to speak out against injustice, but are surrounded on all sides by people […]

April 12

2014 GLOBE awards, Inside Ex-gay goes national!

Inside Ex-gay producers Dean Beck and Nathan Despott were finalists in the inaugural 2014 Victorian GLOBE (gay and lesbian organisation for business and enterprise) awards. Inside Ex-gay is honoured to have been nominated for the “Protecting our Community” category and to have been a finalist alongside two other fabulous contenders – Anna Brown (Co-convenor of the Victorian Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby […]

April 12

Australian Psychological Society 2015 Statement on Ex-gay

Sixteen years after its initial statement on ex-gay and reparative therapies, the Australian Psychological Society (APS) has finally released an updated statement. Click here for the statement issued in 1999 The 2015 statement is significant. It is a complete rejection of ex-gay practice AND ideology. Here are some paragraphs:   The statement quotes the following […]

June 09

Inside Ex-Gay Update

The producers of Inside Ex-gay wish to express their sadness at the loss of one of the project’s most influential and generous contributors, Bishop John McIntyre. Bishop John passed away June 6, 2014. We offer our condolences, love and support to his family and loved ones. We celebrate the life of a man whose achievements […]

May 04

Radio #4: Tim & Matt – Reparative History

Podcast – Sunday 4 May, 2pm, JOY 94.9 Melbourne   Click here for the Word for Word program Page   Rev Matt Glover Matt began his career as a research scientist for Dulux Australia, before entering into full time ministry with the Baptist Church in Victoria. Holding the positions of Youth Pastor and Senior […]

April 27

Radio #3: Jason & Cath – Breaking Free

Podcast – Sunday 27 April, 1pm, JOY 94.9 Melbourne   Click here for the Word for Word program Page   Jason Tuazon-McCheyne Jason grew up in Melbourne’s northern suburbs and was baptised at the age of 12 at Thornbury Church of Christ. In his early 20s he completed a five-year degree in biblical literature […]

April 20

Radio #2: The Johns – Control and Authenticity

Podcast – Sunday 20 April, 1pm, JOY 94.9 Melbourne   Click here for the Word for Word program Page   Rev Dr John Capper Rev Dr John Capper is an Anglican minister with a history of educating students at both evangelical and traditional theological schools. He was a minister in a largely aboriginal community […]

April 13

Radio #1: Rachel & David – The Emperor has no Clothes

Podcast – Sunday 13 April, 1pm, JOY 94.9 Melbourne Click here for the Word for Word program Page   David Lograsso David Lograsso is an ex-gay survivor. Raised in a Catholic Italian-Dutch-Australian family, David becoming a member of an evangelical Pentecostal church around age 16. He entered the ex-gay world in his early […]

April 01

Video #1 The Gay Bishop in Oz

The world’s first openly gay ordained bishop Gene Robinson spent 10 days in Australia in 2013 at the invitation of The Centre for Faith, Life and Learning. The Anglican leader and international human rights champion spoke at Melbourne’s Fed Square, was welcomed in New South Wales parliament, spoke at bible colleges, attended a huge gala dinner […]

April 01

Playlist #5 New Laws, Brave Leaders and Dr Spitzer

Things are changing for LGBTI Christians. Isolated gay churches are now being joined by large evangelical churches that have become inclusive and embracing of LGBTI members. Gay and lesbian bishops are being consecrated. Evangelical theologians are turning to their academic peers and telling them to rethink their positions. Outside the church, laws are changing. International […]

March 30

Playlist #4 What to do with an Outed Leader?

Ted Haggard was the leader of the National Association of Evangelicals (USA) from 2003 to 2006. Known as a Christian celebrity among America’s 70 million evangelicals, Haggard was at the centre of controversy when it was alleged he had regularly paid for sex with a man. The clips in this playlist paint a picture of […]